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Package A:

2 - 8x10 Photos

4 - 5x7 Photos

8 - Wallets (2 sets of 4) 


(shipping included)

Package B:

2 - 5x7photos

4 - 3.5x5 photos (2 sets of 2)

8 - WALLETS (2 sets of 4)


(shipping included)


Package C:

1 - 8x10 Photo

2 - 5x7 Photos



(shipping included)


ALL Digital Images


(per child)

Your choice of background! There will be a white background, with multiple options to choose from online when ordering. 

356_Fall2023 Homeschool1_Teagan Franz Photography.jpg

Individual Items:

8x10 - $17

5x7 - $10

(2) 3.5x5 - $15

(4) Wallets - $12

1 Digital: $30

Want something else and don't see it here? Email us for more options!

All items are pre-tax and include free shipping for orders over $30!


Additional Information:

We ask for a $5 sitting fee per child as a donation to help pay for the room rental.*

Sibling Photos will be available this year.

Photo spots are 3 minutes per child, when picking a spot, please ensure every child has their own time slot. You can contact us for additional spots if there are no gaps large enough for your family.

Shipping times are approximately 7-10 business days.

*By attending the photo day and paying the sitting fee you are under no obligation to purchase photos.

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